The Illusion Shadowbox

The Most Advanced Marketing Tool In Your Arsenal

A custom, computerized, synchronized presentation and light show.

We’ve taken the latest in compact, lower-power computers to create a custom, automated presentation. We program the box, you plug it in and watch the show. And it will be one really cool show.

Our base model boxes use LED lighting to spotlight your product in concert with your video. We open a transparent window on the monitor, and light up your first product. The video talks about another product and we light that up, too. Every show is synchronized to your custom-created - or existing - company video, perfectly timed. You want customers to see a specific product on frame 1,001? It happens every time.

Rugged Aluminum Construction

Custom Product Lighting

That’s not all. We built the Shadowbox to push beyond its humble lighting-focused origins. We can drive AC and DC hardware inside the box. Do you sell pumps? We can run a full presentation with your demo pump in the box. Do you sell construction equipment? We can make model trucks race around the inside of the box.

Our team of developers, editors, and animators have been brainstorming 1,000 and one ways to rock your presentation with the technology in this box. No custom feature is too complex for us. Want an interactive crane? A custom, interactive animation? We’ve got it all figured out. We will make your customers' jaws drop and make your biggest competitor look like a cheap roadside flea circus. (Don't wait until THEY buy them!)

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The Illusion Shadowbox is Here to Rock Your Show.

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